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Our Company Mission & Client Vision


To elevate the standards of learning environments through a focus on quality, compliance, collaboration, and accessibility, while championing sustainability, inclusivity, and empowerment.


To be a global leader in education consultancy, transforming educational institutions and systems to be high-quality, compliant, collaborative, and accessible, fostering a sustainable, inclusive, and empowered future for all learners.


  • Quality: We are committed to delivering top-tier consultancy services that enhance the quality of education, ensuring that institutions achieve excellence in teaching, learning, and administration.
  • Compliance: We prioritise adherence to regulatory standards and best practices, helping educational institutions navigate and meet compliance requirements to ensure safe, ethical, and effective operations.
  • Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration, working closely with educational stakeholders to co-create solutions that address unique challenges and drive collective success.
  • Accessibility: We strive to make education accessible to all, advocating for the removal of barriers and the creation of inclusive learning environments that cater to diverse needs and backgrounds.

Cross-Cutting Themes


We champion sustainable practices in education, promoting initiatives that support environmental stewardship, resource efficiency, and long-term viability of educational programmes and institutions.


    We are dedicated to fostering inclusive educational environments where all individuals feel valued and supported, regardless of their background, abilities, or circumstances.


      We empower educational institutions, educators, and learners by providing the tools, knowledge, and support needed to achieve their full potential and drive positive change in their communities.

      Senior Management

      Stephen Smith

      Stephen Smith

      Founder & CEO

      Anita Wise

      Anita Wise

      Head of Quality & Compliance

      Tauqir Mirza

      Tauqir Mirza

      Business Development Director

      Dr David Holliman

      Dr David Holliman

      Chair of the Board of Governors

      Stephen Smith BA (Hons), MA, AFHEA, FPC

      Stephen is the Founder & CEO of illuminare Education, illuminare Medical Education, and Co-Founder & Commercial Director of illuminare Executive Education.

      He is an accomplished business leader and entrepreneur with a passion for executive education and organisational development. With a track record of success in both corporate and academic settings, Stephen has dedicated his career to empowering leaders and driving organisational excellence.

      In a career that has spanned 38 years in Corporate Finance, Property Development, Hospitality and Education, Stephen is passionate about the value of executive education, experiencing first-hand the value of both formal and informal education and commercial development during that time. The value of learning within an organisation, with a focus on the organisation is the way that people and businesses grow.

      John F Kennedy said that ‘Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other’. Throughout his career Stephen has seen the value of learning and the benefit ‘educated’ leadership has on the growth and success of an organisation.

      Stephen champions everyone’s right to have high quality accessible education. He believes that a sustainable way to achieve this is through quality led university partnerships, that enable students to access higher education where impact and positive outcomes are the highest priority.

      He also understands that the bedrock for a successful partnership is formed from an underpin of quality and compliance. To achieve this, he leads a team focussed on quality, compliance, and academic outcomes, who support clients in attaining OfS approval and the right HEI partnership and embedding management processes and continuous audit to ensure sustained success.

      Anita Wise

      Anita Wise is a highly experienced, innovative, and confident leader of quality and compliance, people, and processes, working within and on behalf of global corporations to start-ups, building and delivering successful teams and processes, leading to successful outcomes for the individual and the organisation – both nationally and internationally.

      This success has led to being appointed as Head of Quality and Compliance at illuminare Education, following a successful career with the University of Buckingham as Assistant Registrar – Academic Compliance, leading the organisation through the major changes to regulation from the Office for Students published in May 2022.

      Anita has developed several innovative tools to support education providers in understanding and applying the revised OFS Conditions of Registration including the Student Journey Audit Matrix (SJAM) along with the associated Gap Analysis; Quality Stress Test Analysis (QSTA) and the University Due Diligence Matrix (UDDM), all proprietary tools used in securing OFS and HEI approval for our clients.

      Anita’s practices have developed over 35 years in quality, compliance, and operational roles in several sectors.  In addition, she is an ISO accredited auditor and a Data Protection Officer.

      Anita prides herself on her versatility, optimism, humanism, determination, and the ability to envision a better future.

      Myers-Briggs Personality Type:  Advocate INFJ-A

      Tauqib Mirza

      Tauqir is a seasoned professional with over 24 years of experience in the education industry, spanning both Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). Currently serving as the Business Development Director for illuminare Education Ltd.

      Tauqir has demonstrated his expertise in managing multi-million-pound government contracts and navigating the intricacies of UK Government-funded and private training provision within the education sector.

      Specialising in consultancy services for the Office for Students (OFS), working with illuminare Education Tauqir has enabled enhanced access routes for FE providers aspiring to venture into HE through strategic university collaborations. His proficiency extends to degree validation services for both FE and HE providers, boasting a track record of proven success.

      Having successfully led businesses in both the further and higher education markets, Tauqir has cultivated international networks across the Middle East, Far East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and notably in Turkey. His consultancy services cater to colleges and universities worldwide, focusing on business growth strategies and fostering successful collaborations between UK and international institutions.

      Tauqir’s international development initiatives include establishing prestigious education institutions in Qatar, Kuwait, China, and Bahrain. Furthermore, he has facilitated international programmes in football with renowned UK football clubs, bringing aspiring players and enthusiasts to the UK on football study tours lasting up to 11 months. Through his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, Tauqir continues to leave an indelible mark on the global education landscape.

      Dr David Holliman

      David has enjoyed operating in both academia and business environments throughout his career. He holds degrees in a variety of disciplines including PhDs in both Business and Education, as well as master’s degrees in international business analysis, psychology and counselling, and management and business research.

      He has advised to several governments across the globe on educational policy, developing national education frameworks, and export strategy. He was recognised for the latter with the highest non-military award in Kentucky, USA in 2004. He was head of the MSc Business Suite at the University of Bedfordshire until 2009 when deciding to move into the private education sector as a consultant and is currently the Director of Collaborations and Business Development at the University of Buckingham.

      In addition to the above position David Chair of the Board of Governors at illuminare Education and holds several Advisory Board positions at educational institutions as well as visiting professorships at a select group of global universities. He has academic interests in culture, international business, and strategy. Furthermore, he is an active education consultant with a practical global experience of having visited over 100 countries.


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